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Turkish language tuition

Are you looking for Turkish lessons in England ? We are a professional Turkish language services provider. Your success is our success!

individual planning

This is a dynamic process that helps the vulnerable person identify and move towards a desired future

life planning

If you’re busy creating a checklist of things to accomplish, you’re living in the future, not the present

Social Responsibilities

Social responsibility means that individuals and companies have a duty to act in the best interests of their environment and society as a whole

Education Consultancy

No student can accept the feeling of failure. At this point, the primary aim is to create a change by raising awareness about the thoughts and behaviors created for the denial of the feeling of failure, together with the determination of the cause of the failure..  In Education Consultancy,  Family, school meetings, Performance enhancement with therapy Motivation and ego strengthening…

Child and Adolesense Counseling

During childhood and adolescence; Psychotherapy is the support process provided to reduce or eliminate psychological disorders experienced, to end conflicts with families and social environment, to develop family and friend relationships, to gain self-confidence and problem-solving skills, and to prevent the transfer of stress and findings to adulthood. Psychotherapy is a treatment in which various intervention techniques are used and…

Family Consulting

In cases where family counseling therapy is needed, sometimes couples and family members who are the source of problems are included in the therapy process, as the therapists deem appropriate, and they are provided to participate in the sessions. In addition, since the source of the problems in families may be the child owned by the family, family counseling sessions…