In cases where family counseling therapy is needed, sometimes couples and family members who are the source of problems are included in the therapy process, as the therapists deem appropriate, and they are provided to participate in the sessions. In addition, since the source of the problems in families may be the child owned by the family, family counseling sessions are also held with children under conditions that the therapist deems appropriate, so that the number of individuals such as parents and other family members may increase.

What are the Situations in which Family and Couples Therapy is Received?

  • Communication problems between individuals who are married or in love
  • Problems of couples cheating on each other
  • Indifference of couples to each other
  • Problems experienced by newly married couples in the process of getting used to the situation
  • Problems experienced by couples in the process of deciding to divorce
  • Problems experienced by married couples among themselves and their families regarding adoption.
  • Problems couples experience in the process of having a child
  • Problems caused by the children of couples who already have children in the relationship
  • Characteristic incompatibility between couples
  • Sudden and major traumas disrupt the balance of the relationship.
  • Long-standing conflicts and resentments between couples